I'm Amber.  I believe the spaces where we spend our time have the power to shape our lives.  Your home should emanate your definition of beautiful, clean, restorative, energizing, and transformative.  Barry Lopez calls this querencia, the place one goes to draw strength.

I work with my clients to create rooms filled with touch points that create comfort: the chair that perfectly cradles you as you read to your child, while she makes patterns in the soft velvet; the stone counters that weather just right over the years of cookie-rolling and pan-splattering; the holiday snapshots, heightened to art and hung where they warm your heart when the busy day wears at your soul.

Finally, I do this sustainably.  I combine old-fashioned methods and new technologies to craft spaces that last well, sit gently on the Earth, and truly, safely nurture those who spend their lives there. 



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