the silken cocoon

This is full service interior design.  We'll work together to clearly conceptualize a space that speaks to you, comforts you, energizes you: empowers you.  I will then source finishes, furniture, and final touches and oversee installation.  At the end, I'll style the space so that you can walk in and start living your dream.  I'm excited just thinking about it!  Are you?

your space capsule

Less is more... unless you're Elton John.


Just like a well-designed capsule wardrobe utilizes powerful pieces of clothing that always work well together and express your individuality, a space with a curated assembly of furniture, simple finishes, and thoughtful accessories can be so much more soothing and powerful than a room full of decoration.  We'll focus on using the pieces you already love and I'll thoughtfully choose minimal projects and pieces to bring it all together.  This is a great renter or Phase 1 option for those who want good design for a short term solution. 

jam session

Just need a little help putting things together?  Need some advice on counter, paint, or tile options that will serve your needs, look fresh, and still be going strong in 20 years?  Not sure how to make your old stuff work in your new space?  Let's get together and hash it out!  I can come to you, or if you live far away, we can use the wonders of modern technology to solve those design dilemmas!

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